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Which website hosting service to use can be a tough decision, we understand that. No matter what type of "web hosting" package you are after - we have done the work for you. The companies we have listed meet our criteria for up-time, reliability, customer service and 24/7 tech support.  Using the cheapest hosting company is not always the best, so making sure that you get the options you

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want is the first step in the process. Sit down and outline what you are after and what type of website you are building. This is important for choosing the right host.

Some of the most important criteria we look for is the companies downtime in a given year. This equates to your site being up and running 99.9% of the time. We also look for what type of bandwidth and disk space is being offered. Some free web hosting companies will lure you in and in the small print, you discover it will cost you a lot more to free up some space for your site to grow. Most of the good companies today provide you with unlimited bandwidth and unlimited disk space at a very low cost per month. We have included some of the best web hosting providers to the right. 

Another thing we look for is their technical support team and customer service. What good is it to have a site hosted that experiences a problem, only to have the tech support team not available? Look at what other customers are saying before making your decision. If you have questions, are you able to reach someone to answer your questions?  

And finally, your web hosting provider should have some type of guarantees in place. What if you change your mind or find that their services are not being met? Do they guarantee their work? Do they empathize with your problem and offer solutions? 

Checking out the different web hosting reviews, having a plan in place, and being familiar with the different options are some of the initial steps for securing your perfect website hosting company. We are proud of making it easy for you and providing you with all the necessary information up front. 
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