The Best Website Hosting For Personal Use

Using shared website hosting is the best way to go when hosting a personal or small website. It really is the best website hosting option for personal use. You can’t beat the prices or the amount of options that are afforded you with so many good shared plans out there if you don’t mind sharing the same I.P. address. Having a shared plan by sharing options lowers the monthly cost to you the consumer.

What is shared hosting and why should I use that option? Simply put, your website will be placed on the same server with many other sites, this can be thousands. But don’t be alarmed. You usually are sharing resources but usually you will have a lot of options with this type of hosting plan. And the shared hosting companies out there are really good.

However, your best website hosting option for eCommerce or large business might be dedicated hosting. There are many advantages to this option as well. With dedicated hosting you have your own I.P. address on the server which allows you to up your security by adding your own S.S.L. certificate and also decreasing spam. In addition it also allows you to have anonymous F.T.P. access which lets you share information online in a secured fashion. This will cost you a little more per month but may allow you to sleep at night.

With the dedicated hosting you will have your own web server but not own it. You will have full control over it and this has many advantages. However, with shared hosting, even though you are sharing the same I.P. address, you still will have great options for your personal site.

With shared hosting, the disadvantages of sharing the same I.P. address is when a site gets banned with the same I.P. address that you have, it can possibly get you banned. There are many out there that also believe you get a little more recognition from Google if you have your own dedicated I.P. address versus the shared I.P. address. This is debatable.

So if you are just starting out or are simply wanting to build a site that has a lot of functionality, don’t be scared away by the shared hosting plans. You are sharing the same I.P. address but a good portion of all websites are using shared hosting plans with reputable companies like Hostgator or Justhost or Fatcow to name a few.

Some of the best website hosting plans come with a shared hosting plan, that includes numerous options and functionality for your website. But if you are concerned with increased security and the ability to add your own S.S.L. certificate or added security for your F.T.P. access, then going with a dedicated server may make you sleep better at night.