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CAD Software- May Be The Advantage You Are Seeking

by Danielle C. Choquette

The drafters and designers of present day have at least heard of CAD software since most of today's designing and drafting work is being done with this software. After all, computer-aided design software is the tool a designer must have to make use of computer technology while making designs and then documenting the designs that were made. These days, a talented user of this software is able to create stunning 2D and 3D designs that are photo-realistic, precise and simply beautiful.

CADD is second name for CAD software with the second D standing for drafting. Regardless of how you refer to it, you need to understand that it is used for more than making shapes. Instead, a top CAD software package gives you the power to design and draft items while accounting for the processes, dimensions and tolerances of your selected materials, virtual though they may be at this stage.

A wonderful part of using this software is that a user can pick and test a great number of virtual materials to make up his or her final design or plan which is an ability that a mere ten years ago would have seemed to be just a pipe dream. Obviously, this capability to try out anything while testing potential designs saves designers and draftsmen great deals of time and money.

Also, CAD software really makes drafting and designing much simpler since it records every step of the process as the work is being done. If set up properly, the software will record each step of the design and drafting process plus all of the specifications of the measurements and materials being used while you are doing the work. The documenting of design and drafting work used to be quite the onerous need that demanded a good deal of a designer's time.

Finally, it must be admitted that this computer software is taking the place of the traditional draftsman table and handheld instruments such as compasses, rulers, edges, protractors and erasers. And, although the purists may miss doing the work by hand, there is no getting around the fact that doing it all on a computer will cut down on the number of mistakes made and make it easier to correct those mistakes that are in fact committed. The designers and draftsmen simply must get to know how to use CAD software to take full advantage of the speed, cost savings and accuracy this technology gives for failure to do so will relegate them to the past along with their drawing tables and handheld projectors, compasses and pencils.

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