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Website Builders and Hosting-Who Should You Choose?

Website Builders and Hosting-Who Should You Use?

website builders and hosting
Deciding on which website builders to use creates confusion and havoc forsome people who are just starting out. They are often allured by companies who set you up with their builder options and then once you have created your site you realize that for you to do the things you need on your site, you need to upgrade to their other services and higher cost hosting. There are some things you should look for before starting your site and comparing.

Getting Started:

Do your homework when you first set out to have a site. I don't mean to sound simple here, but you need a couple of things to start out. A site and a place to put it, a host. Herein lies the confusion. Should I go with a hosting plan that provides a web builder or select the web builder and use their hosting service.

Unless you are looking for something real specific, I suggest finding a good shared hosting plan and reputable hosting company that offers a free web building option. I have found way too many times that if you select the web building options first, your hosting option may not be want you want it to be.

Template Designs:

Make sure that you have a good amount of template options to choose from. To give you a few examples, let's look at Hostgator. With their low-cost monthly plan you can choose from 4,500 free templates that goes along with their free web building. Nice! And with the great designers out there today, you can look like an absolute pro with the exceptional templates that are being offered. It's a great way to have a good web presence.

Hosting Costs:

We could sit here and compare all the plans but for most of us, a shared hosting plan versus a dedicated plan is the way to go. Unless you are completely set on your own I.P. address and S.S.L. certificate for added security, most of us can get by with a shared plan. There are wonderful options on the market today that offer you everything you need, including a free website builder with tons of templates. They are very user friendly and give you many ways you can go with your website.

Making Your Decision:

My simple recommendation is to do your homework. Start out with a reputable hosting company that has been around awhile and has a good customer rating and good technical support. There are lots of them out there which might include Hostgator or Justhost to name a few. They offer low-cost hosting options which include free website builders and templates. What this means for you is an easy process to have your website up and running in no time. Not only that, you will look like a professional in the process. Plans exist today for around $3.50 per month, give or take a few. Having your own website should not be a stressful experience and with the great options today, it doesn’t have to be.

by Annika Quaid