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What to Look For

Cheap hosting has a negative connotation to it. I think we should instead refer to cheap hosting as "smart low cost shared hosting". No matter what you call it - you need to be cautious when choosing a cheap host. Money should not be your explicit motivator in determining what you choose. You should at least look at 4-5 things before choosing:


This can make or break your website. If you expect a lot of visitors and/or customers, you will need to make sure the hosting package you have can support that. Are there additional charges associated with having increased speed? It is better to have too much than not enough. If you start out with not having enough, you take the risk of turning back potential customers who are discouraged with slow loading pages. Heed wisely.


When you call are you getting your service questions answered when you need it? Do they offer tech support 24/7 or are you going to have to wait while your site suffers? These are all issues you need to think about when looking at the different website hosts.


Does the company provide 24/7 customer service. Do they have live chat? This is a feature I like to see. When your business is needing attention, it is nice to at least be able to use a live chat function. How are the reviews for customer service? Have they won any awards for providing good customer service?


Kind of the same thing. Is it partly cloudy or partly sunny? This is extremely important to your business and it is important that they have a good record of up time. 99% is usually the marker or the ideal range.

It is important to determine what you are looking for when deciding. You should be asking yourself what your goals are and what the site is being used for. For most people, shared hosting is usually enough. If you are anticipating running a higher volume ecommerce site, then speed, bandwidth, up time and tech support may be what you are looking for. But all in all when it comes to cheap website hosting, be smart and don't always pick the lowest cost per month.