Website Hosting Services-What's My First Step?

by Zach Tylecki

website hosting services
In today's market, you will find literally hundreds and hundreds of website hosting services. When deciding on the right one, knowing the direction you are headed is paramount. Putting together a list and knowing where you want to end up, along with your budget, will help you determine the correct host.

Before diving in you need to decide if you are going to use shared hosting or go right for the dedicated hosting option, along with your monthly budget. If you plan on having a large business website that you expect to take off, then maybe a dedicated server might be your choice. However, for most folks like myself and many of you out there, a low monthly hosting fee on a shared plan is all that you will ever need.

In addition, when it comes to designing your website, do you have the knowledge to be working with the different platforms and content management systems? This might be part of your decision making process. A good number of website hosting services bundle everything together and also have great video tutorials to help you when building your site. Along with this, they provide awesome templates and website building options to make you look like a seasoned designer.

There are some really good hosting services on the market today due to high competition and this is good for you. It has brought down the cost and given you more options and plans that are all bundled together. It continues to excel and bring down costs. Today, anyone can look like a professional with little or no experience.

It is not as hard as people realize to find a really good hosting company who offers the services you are after. Just by going online and doing a little research, just about anyone can find a site that compares all the companies next to each other, making it easy to choose. Be smart by taking the time to do your homework so you can make a good decision based on you goals. You can also check to see what other people are saying about the company you are thinking about.

There are 4 things to think about when that time comes when selecting:

1- Good customer service that is available 24/7

2- Money back guarantee when things don't go just right

3- Dependability, stability and an up time of at least 99%

4- Unlimited disk space and bandwidth (the last thing you want to do is run out of space and be charged more for increased disk space and bandwidth. Again, do your homework and read the fine print or call their customer service line and ask them).

You can see the latest plans with all the benefits next to each other on some of the websites so it makes it easy for you to compare. Most sites will list about ten or so for you to shop around, along with providing reviews.

Once again, define what you are doing and set your goals. You may want to write out your plan on paper before doing your research so you can see exactly what it is you are after. Then set out to find the website hosting services that will fulfill your needs to your website.